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Friday, March 5, 2010

Life as a cloud.

Sometimes it's so easy to walk away from the hard times in life, to hurt the people you love most and to be completely and utterly selfish. Sure life gets tough, but you only get one shot, and in this life you have to make the most of every tiny ineey weeny bit you get!
Sometimes I wonder will the world ever stop? I mean, will the circle of life keep going...It's a tough subject. Oh and another thing...
It's amazing how time controls our lives, everything we do evolves around time, think about it what if we had no clocks, the concept of morning or night would not about that. Everything would be different, EVERYTHING... there would be no breakfast or dinner, nor lunch. Pajamas? Nope, wouldn't need those. And age, if there were no time, how would age co-exist? 

WOW, I just re-read what I wrote, talk about rambling. Ok so I would like to formally apologise for my little d&m ( Deep and meaningful - for all you abbreviation haters). On the brighter side I will be attending a very VERY exciting flea market, and I hope/expecting to come back with some amazing finds for Spearmint! This not so secret flea market has actually been widely advertised so I will be getting my vintage rage on, trust me. I'll be weaving in out of those piles of clothes like no other weaver has ever weaved before. YEA!

Something random..

                 My Marilyn puzzle I painted :)

P.s Don't forget to suggest Spearmints Facebook page to friends...I will be ever so greatful! 

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