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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Romance in a Coke bottle.


I have been working on a series of photographs over the last couple of days which I am a little excited to share with you. They are quite simple with a whimsical feel, I have titled it ' Romance in a Coke bottle ', basically it shares a story of every day love/romance/crushes, It's a perception on how romance evolves. I really don't mean to be all mushy it was just a small idea that came about from this great vintage coke bottle I found at the markets, and well, I wanted to share the beauty of this retro baby.
People tend to forget the importance of the little things in life, so here's a little reminder...

Enjoy ladies and gentlemen.  X

                                                Styled and photographed by Katie Webber. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Why hello, yes, oh wait... yes it's me. Quite a stranger I am aren't I, horrible. Just horrible.

So how have we all been? Any new life experiences I should know about? Please feel free to comment, little butterflies have a little party in my stomach whenever I see a new comment, so go ahead, maybe the lady beetles will be invited this time? ( yep I don't know I like to ramble if you haven't noticed).

I am currently listening to the rain whilst swaying my feet side too side. Exciting hey?
So today I wondered off to my dear old grandparent's house. Actually I don't like to use that word...        ' old',  as when I think of them, I think of two bright shining suns smiling at me ( wow nice alliteration there ). I just don't see them as your typical frail OLD grandparents, they are so alive and fun, yes they are really fun! Isn't that great. I may contradict myself here, but my Nonno did tell me something today that made me feel a little sad.
Every day he gets up, walks down to his garage and unravels his fishing rods. Why does he do this? All so he can have something to do the next day. So I am currently on the search for something, anything that can and will keep his mind occupied. So he doesn't have to unwind and re-wind those damn fishing rods EVER again. Except of course when he actually wants to go fishing.

It's funny how old couples are and how their hearing eventually goes haywire. Which results in either one of them screaming in each other's ear, usually with a reply of "WHAT?". I witnessed a perfect example of this today. My mum was telling my grandparents the dream she had, as my grandfather did not quite catch on due to his hearing aid, my grandmother frustratedly yelled in his ear..."SUE HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT YOU HAD NICE LEGS!".
The whole context of mum's dream and the not hearing part was very amusing.

I hope you enjoyed my silly post. Goodnight you wonders.


Monday, June 14, 2010


I can't think of a more horrible, disturbing or depressing place then a hospital, well apart from the maternity ward, it is a pretty dreadful institution. I've always had a hate for hospitals, going to the doctor , dentist etc. Why? Well that is pretty obvious, only bad news or pain can come out of these places, or maybe if you're lucky some jellybeans.

I spent my long weekend in the hospital, as my sister had a car accident. Thank god she is ok (apart from a broken foot). Which by the way a three legged cow could use crutches better then she can. 
Walking past each ward, trying to find her room I seemed to be so intrigued by all the patients, I wanted to know what was wrong with every single one. I think my sister was a little tired of me by the end questioning each patient. I found it so interesting that behind those drawn curtains, everybody had a story. 

In room 207, level 10. There was Maria, the most loveliest old lady you would ever meet. She was Greek and shared her Greek sweets with everyone. She had a heart attack. Then there was Joan, the typical busy body, a lovely one though. She complained about the nurses and enjoyed the hospital food? She had her knee removed. And then there was, well I don't know her name, this lady, which I shall call...Yen, she always had her curtain's closed, she was Chinese and was hit by a bus. Yen looked very sad, never smiled back at me. But I guess she was just in pain. 

I felt a little guilty being healthy walking in to a hospital, not sure why. I just felt sorry for everyone and it made me realise how lucky I am, and how lucky my sister is to be here. Probably the most saddest thing I heard today and well, in a while was a middle aged disabled man asking: " Any calls for me today nurse?" the nurse replied..."no sweetie". This really broke my heart.

I also got the pleasure of sharing the elevator with a man who counted out loud one to seven, several times. He got off at level 7. I secretly laughed, I couldn't help it. 

I don't mean to sound all serious and soppy, and wow this has completely nothing to do with vintage clothing ha. But any who, it's nice to sit back and have a little think sometimes of how lucky we are to have our health. I wish it was as simple as releasing the shutter button on a camera, and then woh la, your like a brand new spring chicken. 

The end. I promise not to depress you any more.

And one more thing, winter you are really pushing my buttons, be a little kinder would you, some sun wouldn't hurt. 



Sunday, May 23, 2010


Aprille and I were on our way to Rozelle markets, very excited, praying it wouldn't rain. Apparently the rain was just as excited as us. During our drive we had a little distraught moment, when both of us forgot what station Triple J was, we probably went through every station possible, and maybe screamed a little too loud when we finally found it was 105.7. We were also convinced somebody was trapped inside the boot of the car, as we believed there was a knocking sound, when in fact Aprille had not shut the boot properly. This was discovered after the 5 minute argument over who would get out of the car and check.

We arrived at the markets to find most stalls were packing away, we were very sad. On a good note, most stalls were having a 'rain sale', yes a rain sale. This was quite wonderful. I picked up a few bits and bobs for Spearmint. I felt sorry for all the beautiful vintage fur coats, which soon turned into wet blankets. It was like looking at a sick puppy.

Purchasing ma goods. Yea. 

After being drenched, we then continued to get some lunch. It was perfect weather for a visit to our favourite cafe ...Bertoni's. They make the best Italian chocolate donuts, so so delicious! They also go well with a short black. Although, I am not to fond of the large communal table that seats Bertoni's customers. Aprille and I make good use of sitting next to strangers, we tend to make up pretend accents and act like professional lawyers. You will be surprised how many people listen in, we end up ruining our cover by bursting into laughter and acting silly.

I would also like to award myself for being the most laziest blogger ever !

We ended the afternoon by skipping in the rain and running from a strange looking dog named Chewy.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hearty heart

Sometimes it's the smallest things that will make or break your day. Today it was the love heart I found in my expresso, it instantly brought a smile to my face and made me feel a little fuzzy.
I guess I can seem a little crazy to people sometimes, well, with my superstitions and all. For example walking over a drain; bad luck, dropping a knife while seated; beginning of a new relationship, encounter with a bird ( as odd as that sounds); somebody will bring you news. Please don't judge me.

It's funny how something so insignificant can make a difference to the way you feel/express yourself.

Wow, I feel like Carrie Bradshaw right now. I am sitting on my desk facing my lovely big window with my Mac in my studio apartment, just like Carrie. Minus the multi hundred shoes.

Sometimes I wish my camera was an extra body part, it could hide in my belly button and retract when a photo is needed. There has been so many moments, when I will walk past something and curse myself for not having my camera, or I will look down at my tights and shoes thinking of what a cool shot it would make. I think it would be a great idea.

Ok so anyway, on the topic of Spearmint, the auction is ready to begin. I just have to list my items, and will do so as soon as photobucket decides to stop maintaining their site. Boo. On a brighter note here are some of my favourites from this weeks shoot....

     Vintage poka dot bustier

Charlie Chaplin style collared shirt 

Vintage retro tee!

Nautical vintage dress

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Locked out!

It is now my third day in my new apartment and guess what I did today. Locked myself out, on my third day! I went to hang out some newly found vintage finds on the clothes line when I realised I had no key to get back in. I did a little frustration dance, then walked up to the little old ladies apartment, hands full of clothes, knocked on the door and explained what happened. She replied with " Oh you skinny knob" ...probably the sweetest old lady I know, she offered me a seat on her 1950's orange printed chair and a biscuit. She was watching a black and white film, couldn't quite catch what exactly it was, and then continued to tell me a story about, well I don't know. I tuned out and kindly nodded. The locksmith man finally turned up and I was let back in, Ah what a relief! Don't worry all my vintage finds were safe and sound! 

I then finished off a bag of m&m's, whilst sitting down enjoying the beautiful sun and afternoon breeze. 

OH and we now have a fridge for our apartment, no more smelly lettuce or bad milk. I will be posting the new collection hopefully by the end of next week, so keep an eye out. This collection is very colourful with lots of cool retro prints! 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My new home!!


My best friend - Aprille and I moved into our new apartment today!! I was a big sook and had a cry, I hated saying good bye to mum...she cried too. My dad was a big help, he took me and Aprille grocery shopping, I felt like a kid in a candy store, actually no I felt like me in an op shop. 

Everything is going well, we even have a lovely old lady upstairs, Barbra her name is. She invited us up for a cup of tea, we kindly rejected. 

We made pasta and ate on a eski, Japanese style :)

Excuse our dagginess!!

Oh and I will be drawing the winner of the lovely vintage top tomorrow, so be sure to suggest Spearmint's facebook page to friends to be in the running !! 

Goodnight wonders x

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