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Monday, June 14, 2010


I can't think of a more horrible, disturbing or depressing place then a hospital, well apart from the maternity ward, it is a pretty dreadful institution. I've always had a hate for hospitals, going to the doctor , dentist etc. Why? Well that is pretty obvious, only bad news or pain can come out of these places, or maybe if you're lucky some jellybeans.

I spent my long weekend in the hospital, as my sister had a car accident. Thank god she is ok (apart from a broken foot). Which by the way a three legged cow could use crutches better then she can. 
Walking past each ward, trying to find her room I seemed to be so intrigued by all the patients, I wanted to know what was wrong with every single one. I think my sister was a little tired of me by the end questioning each patient. I found it so interesting that behind those drawn curtains, everybody had a story. 

In room 207, level 10. There was Maria, the most loveliest old lady you would ever meet. She was Greek and shared her Greek sweets with everyone. She had a heart attack. Then there was Joan, the typical busy body, a lovely one though. She complained about the nurses and enjoyed the hospital food? She had her knee removed. And then there was, well I don't know her name, this lady, which I shall call...Yen, she always had her curtain's closed, she was Chinese and was hit by a bus. Yen looked very sad, never smiled back at me. But I guess she was just in pain. 

I felt a little guilty being healthy walking in to a hospital, not sure why. I just felt sorry for everyone and it made me realise how lucky I am, and how lucky my sister is to be here. Probably the most saddest thing I heard today and well, in a while was a middle aged disabled man asking: " Any calls for me today nurse?" the nurse replied..."no sweetie". This really broke my heart.

I also got the pleasure of sharing the elevator with a man who counted out loud one to seven, several times. He got off at level 7. I secretly laughed, I couldn't help it. 

I don't mean to sound all serious and soppy, and wow this has completely nothing to do with vintage clothing ha. But any who, it's nice to sit back and have a little think sometimes of how lucky we are to have our health. I wish it was as simple as releasing the shutter button on a camera, and then woh la, your like a brand new spring chicken. 

The end. I promise not to depress you any more.

And one more thing, winter you are really pushing my buttons, be a little kinder would you, some sun wouldn't hurt. 



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