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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Romance in a Coke bottle.


I have been working on a series of photographs over the last couple of days which I am a little excited to share with you. They are quite simple with a whimsical feel, I have titled it ' Romance in a Coke bottle ', basically it shares a story of every day love/romance/crushes, It's a perception on how romance evolves. I really don't mean to be all mushy it was just a small idea that came about from this great vintage coke bottle I found at the markets, and well, I wanted to share the beauty of this retro baby.
People tend to forget the importance of the little things in life, so here's a little reminder...

Enjoy ladies and gentlemen.  X

                                                Styled and photographed by Katie Webber. 

1 comment:

  1. Love love LOVE loooooooove your work
    I think I have a crush on your photos <3
    and my you are a pretty young thing
    P.s. Go vintage coke bottles
    reminds me of the days when the family would eat charcol chicken & share the coke bottle down the table. Of course it wasn't long enough ago, that it was glass - but still it brings back the fond memory :D so thank you!


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