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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Secret Garden.

I possibly had the best weekend of my life, yes that's quite a call, well if not the best...the most wonderful-est! I went to a music festival called the Secret Garden, it was AMAZING, I can't get over it. We camped for the night ( My first camping experience! ) and I loved it! Could possibly be because I was with my two best friends, who made the experience a whole lot better. We just had so much fun, giggling all night at stupid irrelevant things, like the piece of fluff that looked like a bug. I put it on my nose waiting for my friend to notice, after 5 minutes of not noticing I laughed so hard it blew off onto the floor, which followed with more laughter. We pigged out on junk food and painted our faces with lipstick.
Did I mention how amazing the venue was? Well if I didn't like the word amazing so much I would use another, but it was so so sooo AMAZING! It was set on this beautiful farm/forest, we camped by the cows, walked through fairy lit passages with bubble blowing machines, stumbled across alice in wonderland enjoying a tea party...literally (It was a dress up festival! ) . Danced under the moonlight to 'twist and shout' - The Beatles. Sat on hay stacks and admired the marvellous costumes and lastly helped crowd surfed with a giant Zebra. I honestly felt like I had stepped into a whimsical fairy tale. Oh and I dressed up as pebbles from the Flinestones, my friend Aprille was Fred and my other friend Sam was Wilma. 
This morning we woke up to the smell of coffee, it was a coffee cart , sent from heaven. This was then followed with some beautiful live tunes by the 'Delta Riggs'  , they were such down to earth people, and were so entertaining. They went around the small hay stack circle and asked for peoples names and would sing,            " Katie...Katie's on top of the wooorrrrld", or something silly like " The cows...The Cow's are on top of the world". 

Check out their tunes here:

Pebbles outfit in progress

The wonderful Delta Riggs

More Photos to come...

P.s New stock will be coming soon ... as well as a very exciting photo shoot 
( Inspired from the Secret Garden )


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