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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wonderful Alice in Wonderland

So I saw Alice in Wonderland and I am in love! It was so crazy, sweet, funny, outrageous, quirky, amazing and well wonderful! I felt like a little kid again...I walked out of the Cinema silently believing I was Alice, its fun to imagine! There were so many inspiring quotes, I was very impressed. I liked the madness of it, anything was possible. I have now become obsessed with Alice in Wonderland...I want to collect all the old books and movies! Did I also tell you that I am the mad hatter? I am. I was driving past a lake near my house today and I noticed this huge, and I mean HUGE geese chasing after this other large duck...except the duck wasn't actually running, he/she was doing this little hop run, it was so funny and so bizzare. I felt like I was Alice when she spots the rabbit.

Nearly all of my items sold on ebay, except three, so I was very excited! I packaged them all up today and sent them off. I arrived at the post box just in time... as the post man was there collecting the mail, I felt like I had sprung Santa on Christmas Eve. There was an awkward silence between me and the post man as I felt rude just to drop all of the parcels in one go, so I carefully placed each parcel one by one in to his satchel. Ha, oh it was a funny moment, I then said thank you to him, I'm not to sure why. I received a lovely odd look off him though. That was nice.

I will begin my vintage hunting soon. Just need to sharpen some tools.
So keep your eyes out!


  1. I loved Alice in Wonderland too! Weren't Alice's dresses ALL so beautiful? Ahh... =)

    I just didn't like that stupid dance at the end, I thought it was pretty pointless really.

    Lovely post.x

  2. Thank you :) !

    I know, I wanted them all! Haha and I totally agree with you about the pointless dance, I was a little embarrassed for her !


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